Toilet Seat Covers(50 PCS)

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Toilet Seat Covers(50 PCS)


There are great number of germs on those public toilets which looks like shiny and clean, our disposable toilet covers are the great helper to avoid cross infection when you go traveling or using public toilet.

  • 50 PCS Disposable toilet seat covers is made from premium polyolefin material which contains no harmful chemicals, antibacterial and waterproof.
  • Our toilet seat covers are strong, thick and waterproof, they offer full protection from fluids, germs, and viruses that linger on toilet seats. Can be conveniently used by adults and children aged 6+
  • Normal toilet seat covers adopt simple lay on design, they are easy to slide that may cause your skin still contact with germs, ours used set-into design, it will cover the seat fully and won't slide easily, use it in safety.
  • The surface of our toilet seat covers is full of tiny particles to keep it from sticking on your skin, make you feel dry and comfortable



  • Weight: 300g
  • Material: Premium Polyolefin
  • Quantity: 50pcs Per Set
  • Size:

Package Include:

  • 1 Set *  Toilet Seat Covers

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